Tutorial of All Converter

Convert MP3 to WAV
Convert many files in one batch

1. Convert MP3 to WAV

1. Add MP3 files
click Add menu button, a menu will then appears like this:
choose the conversion type WAV. In the following file-open dialog, search and select the files you want , and click "OK"

2. You can change some files' destination folder.
S elect files you want to change, then click your right mouse button above them. Select "Set Destination Folder" menu item to choose directory and click OK.

3. You can also remove files .
Select Files you want to remove,then click your right mouse button above them.Select "Remove" menu item.

4. Click "start" button .

2. Convert many files in one batch

1. Add files
click Add menu buttons, select any files you want to convert no matter the source media type and the convert-to media type

2. change some files' destination folder if necessary . See " Convert MP3 to WAV "

3. Click "start" button .

4. Check on the checkbox of "auto shut down your computer when conversion complete" if you will not wait for conversion's complete. So let All Converter do it for you automatically.



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