How to remove silent fragment?
From menu "Edit" click "Select All", or click & drag in the edit aera, then from menu "Effect" click "Squeeze silence" to remove the silent fragment.

How long can All Editor record?
All Editor can consecutively record for as long as you like without interrupt.Or you can set the time limit in the "setting" dialog.

How can I save what I have recorded?
The first way, click "setting" button, check "on the fly" on , and set the destination.Then press "OK" button back to the main window.Press Record.
The second way, just press the record button.When finish recording,click the save button , in the following dialog , choose file name and format, click "OK".

How do I put my recording back on a CD so I can play them in my CD Player?
Simply record to WAV-files . All CD cutting software I know about can cut WAV-files as CD tracks. Read their manuals or online help.

What are the system requirements?
Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP, 200M free disk space of your temporary directory.
If you need to record or play songs,full-duplex sound card is also required.
Note: If you want to use real-time record with "on the fly" , we suggest at least PIII 700 CPU.

Is your online order form secure?
Yes, it is 100% secure.

How much is it?
All Editor costs only $39.95 for registration.

How do I uninstall All Editor?
To uninstall All Editor, click Start from the Windows Taskbar, go into Settings/Control Panels/Add/Remove Programs and select All Editor from the Install/Uninstall tab.

What is All Editor's refund policy?
All Editor offered as a trial version so that users can fully test the software free of charge to determine if the application suits their needs. Therefore, once All Editor is purchased, and the unlock information is delivered, refunds are not possible. A method is not available for us to take back the unlock information as far as a return. Furthermore, since users are able to fully test the software before purchase, there should be no need for refunds. If for some reason, you ordered All Editor, but did not receive the unlock information, e-mail [email protected] with the date of your order, the name supplied with your order from the software's registration window, and we will look for your order and send the registration details to you promptly.


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