MP3 recorder, WMA recorder, record sounds to MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/VQF
  All Recorder turns your computer into a professional music studio. With All Recorder, you can record sound from microphone, line-in audio , streaming audio from the Internet, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, etc to mp3 or WMA. All Recorder can record , edit , export any sound you can hear without losing any quality, and save them directly to disk in mp3,wma,ogg,vqf,wav format synchronously. Using schedule feature together with advanced spliting method, you can record internet radio at specific time and split it by songs automatically. Except a mp3 recorder, All Recorder is also an easy-to-use sound editor. More attractions including Voice Activated Recording System are shown below. 
All Recorder
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  As more, with All Recorder , you can modify the sound with the special effects such as fade in,fade out,normalize,scale,squeeze silence etc. . It can edit audio files as you desire by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming and various DSP effects. All Recorder supports auto-resampling among different sample rates and bitrates smoothly. All Recorder has a Voice Activated Recording System with which you can choose to skip silent passages or background noise from sound card. 



:: Powerful Recorder
  All Recorder can record any signal played through your sound card into Mp3, WMA, WMA9, Vqf, Ogg or Wav files.
:: Supports auto-resampling and various bitrates supported
  All Recorder can change the sample-rate or bitrate of MP3, WMA, VQF, OGG, Wav songs without losing quality
:: Voice activated recording
  All Recorder will pause recording if no sound coming and resume recording as soon as it detects any sound signal .
:: Auto detecting recording device and recording line
  All Recorder will automatically detect all recording device and device line. And then set the application's parameters for the best possible performance. The default parameters work in most cases, but you can change them easily to best suit your needs. 
:: Aadvanced auto-split feature in the long-term recording task
  All Recorder can auto-split your recording content into smaller pieces according to the split condition. Two methods are provided."By time" and "By gate".
:: CD Quality Recording
All Recorder Provides a professional record engine without losing any quality
:: Recording on the fly
  All Recorder can save recording directly to disk in MP3,WMA format which saves disk space to almost 10%.
:: Useful editor
All Recorder provides most useful edit tool such as special effects, cut & past, undo & redo features and various DSP effects.
:: Automatically change file name
  All Recorder can automatically change recording file name if necessary.
:: System-level task schedule
  All Recorder can automatically start and stop recording at any time you set.
:: Supports History List review
  All Recorder enables you to manage recording files conveniently



:: Using auto split
:: Record from microphone
:: Record from videotape
:: Record from streaming internet



:: Operating System: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP or 2003 Server
:: Full-duplex sound card
:: Free Memory: 32M RAM
:: CPU: Pentium II 450 or compatible




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