Tutorial of 1st CD Maker

How to burn MP3 files to CD
How to erase CD-RW

1.How to burn MP3 files to CD

1. Add MP3 Files into the track list
Click "Add" Button , in the coming window, choose file you want and press OK. Or drag and drop songs into the main window. The CD capacity is shown under the track list.

2. Start writing
Click "Start" button. In the coming "Burning disc" window, choose the proper recorder ( If you have more than one recorder ). Choose appropriate writing speed ( according to your CD-R discs ) . You can simulate this process by check "Only Test write" on. You can choose to finalize CD after burning by check "finalize CD" on . Then click "Write" button.

2.How to erase CD-RW

1. Click "Erase" button in the main window, in the coming window, choose erase method. Then click "erase" button.


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