How to register after I get the registration code?
The email received after 1st CD Ripper purchased is composed by author key and reg.code which are seperated by ------.(six -)Input the registration code into the register form and author key to the author key area , then Press OK.Notice: the author key is 8 chars and reg.code is 100 chars.

What is the update/upgrade policy for 1st CD Ripper?
When 1st CD Ripper is purchased, all updates ordered can be downloaded and used free of charge. .

What is 1st CD Ripper's refund policy?
1st CD Ripper offered as a trial version so that users can fully test the software free of charge to determine if the application suits their needs. Therefore, once 1st CD Ripper is purchased, and the unlock information is delivered, refunds are not possible. A method is not available for us to take back the unlock information as far as a return. Furthermore, since users are able to fully test the software before purchase, there should be no need for refunds. If for some reason, you ordered 1st CD Ripper, but did not receive the unlock information, e-mail [email protected] with the date of your order, the name supplied with your order from the software's registration window, and we will look for your order and send the registration details to you promptly.

Recommended Operating System configurations for 1st CD Ripper
Windows 95 (with Service Pack 1), Windows NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 4 - minimum), Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Hardware Requirements for 1st CD Ripper
Intel Pentium II class 200 MHz processor or better; 128 MB RAM; 10 MB Hard Drive space; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card ; SVGA or higher color video display card (minimum resolution 800x600); Internet connection for ordering, and support.

Intel?Pentium? II class 400 MHz MMX or better; 128 MB RAM or more 10 MB Hard Drive space; Sound Blaster-compatible sound card ; 16-bit color video card; Internet connection for ordering, and support..

How do I uninstall 1st CD Ripper?
To uninstall 1st CD Ripper, click Start from the Windows Taskbar, go into Settings/Control Panels/Add/Remove Programs and select 1st CD Ripper from the Install/Uninstall tab.


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