Tutorial of 1st CD Ripper

Rip CD to WMA

1. Specify WAV encoder settings.

The quality of the WAV file and the source audio CD track are identical.

  1. Sample rate: Specifies the number of samples per second. Use the Same as input option to rip the track with its original sample rate, or specify one of the 32000Hz, 44100Hz, 48000Hz to re sample it in the appropriate sampling frequency. In general, audio CDs are sampled in 44100Hz.

  2. Channels: Specify the number of distinct channels of the encoded file. Usually the tracks of an audio CD has two channels (Stereo)
  3. Bits per sample: Specify the number of bits per sample the track has. The common value is 16 bits per sample
  1. Contact CDDB on refresh:
    Check this to automatically contact CDDB server to obtain information for the inserted audio CD.

  2. Autocheck tracks on refresh:
    Check this to automatically mark all tracks of the inserted audio CD.
  3. Create M3U list:
    Check this to creates a M3U play list (recognized by Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc) with the ripped tracks.
  4. Overwrite tracks with same name:
    Check this to overwrite tracks with the same name without asking for confirmation.
  5. Rip an album in own folder:
    Check this to rip the audio CD in a sub-folder under the output folder. The name of that sub-folder's is the album's name.
  6. Make a sound when rip completes:
    Check this and 1st CD Ripper will make a sound when audio CD ripping is done.
  7. Jitter correction:
    Useful for older drives or scratched audio CDs. Tries to correct errors when reading a track.
    - Always: Always do jitter correction - may be slow.
    - Never: Never do jitter correction - full speed.
    - On error: Do jitter correction when found an error in reading.
  8. Enable ID3 tag: Enable or disable ID3 tag writing.
  9. Artist: The default Artist.
  10. Album :The default Album
  11. Year :Year of the CD
  12. Genre:The CD genre


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