What is the minimum system requirements for using XMedia DVD Ripper?
DVD-ROM, DVD Combo etc that can read DVD discs
Operating System : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP with ASPI support ( you can download your ASPI driver from http://www.adaptec.com )
RAM : 128M (Windows ME/2000/XP), 64M (Window 98)
CPU : Pentium 200 MMX or above. CPU > 1GHz is recommended for converting is a CPU intensive process
Video Card : Support 24-bit true color mode and 800*600 resolution
Hard Disk : A disk with 1GB free space in a single logical driver (to store DVD files)
Optional : With DivX codec installed

How to install ASPI driver?
You can download ASPI v4.71a pack from our website . Install this package to a directory. Click start button, then click run, type "cmd"( if your system is Windows 98/ME, type "command" ) and press OK. In the coming dos window, change to the directory where you installed ASPI. If your system is Windows XP , type " install xp32" and reboot your computer after all these done, If your system is Windows 98/98SE/ME/NT/2000, type "install x86" . A GUI window will come up. Press Install.

When I encode a film the picture comes out looking either squashed or stretched, how do I fix it?
Well, this is harder. If the default zoom settings don¡¯t work for you ( I use medium zoom for 16:9 dvds, and full zoom for 4:3 dvds, converting to 352x288 PAL, and haven¡¯t had any problems that way) then what you need to do is use the custom zoom. By trimming the original picture size you can adjust what the outputted picture looks like. Its all trial and error though, until you find what works best for you.

When I encode an SVCD the picture comes out looking squashed when played on my PC, how do I fix it?
The SVCD standard is 480 wide but is stretched when played on a dvd player or using a codec that recognises the mpeg is SVCD. So it may be that your codec is not showing the film stretched but just as 480. it will be right when shown on your dvd player though. Test with a CDRW disc in your dvd player to confirm it.

I have trouble getting XMedia DVD Ripper to run on Windows 2000 and XP?
There is no aspi driver included with Windows 2000, or XP. The latest Adaptec aspi has install options for XP so you can download and try that. To use it without the aspi you have to unlock your drive with your DVD player software before launching XMedia DVD Ripper and disable ASPI in input settings of XMedia DVD Ripper.

How can I make an AVI fit on just 1 CD?
Use a bitrate calculator to work out what bitrate you need to use for the movie's length to get it to the size you want.

When selecting subtitles or audio i sometimes get the wrong thing, why?
If you get the wrong audio then try selecting a different stream as when there are multiple entries in an index different audios can belong to different videos or be extras like directors comments etc.

What is SVCD?
SVCD is Super Video CD, a great method to save DVD movie to CD without losing much quality, usually encoded by MPEG-2. SVCD disc can be played in your DVD player.

What's DivX?
You can treat DivX as the MP3 for movie. You get the same video quality as DVD while keep 1/10 of the size. You can play DivX in your computer or share it in Internet. Some newer DivX player can now play DivX movie as well. It seems DivX 5.03 is not as good as 5.02. Divx 5.0.5 is recommended. You can get this from Divx.com.

How many CD-R's are required to burn one DVD and how long will it take?
That depends upon the length of the DVD video, and whether or not you plan to play the CD in a conventional DVD Player using Video CD technology. If you want to store the movie in a compressed MPEG or DIVX format and replay the movie on your computer, or computer to the TV, then one CD can be sufficient with specific compression technologies. But if you want to store the format in VCD and play it on your console DVD player, then two CD's will typically be required to hold a full feature length DVD (2 - 2 1/2 hours). You can store (depending on the CD-R) up to 80 minutes of video on one CD-R in VCD format.

The time required for decoding will vary depending upon the speed of your computer and the level of detail in the DVD. Your computer will be processing many gigabytes of data and when you consider the amount of data involved, the time required for the process is actually quite minimal. Faster computers can typically decode a 2-hour movie in less than four hours. Slower computers will take longer. However, the process does not require your constant attention as you can begin the process before you go to bed or while you're at work. For the average computer, running a Pentium III 850 MHZ with 128MB of Ram, you can expect the entire process to take between 4-6 hours for an average two hour movie.

What's the difference between .IFO and .VOB files?
The .IFO (and backup .BUP) files contain menus and other information about the video and audio, you can treat it as the index of the media content. The .VOB files (for DVD-Video) and .AOB files (for DVD-Audio) are MPEG-2 program streams with additional packets containing navigation and search information.

What source file format does XMedia DVD Ripper support?
This software supports both .IFO and .VOB formats. Since the software will parse the source file before converting, we recommend you to use .IFO file whenever possible.

When I start to convert DVD to Divx AVI file, how to activate the codec?
The software will use DivX as the default codec. If there is no DivX codec installed in your system, you will have to choose an existing codec listed in the dialog. Some avi codec will not work if not activated.

How can I make the DVD ripping result fit in a CD-R?
There are several split modes in XMedia DVD Ripper, just select proper disc size from the combo box.

It told me there is something wrong with ASPI, how can I resolve it?
XMedia DVD Ripper uses ASPI mode to access your DVD-ROM. Normally the ASPI driver has already been installed in your system, and you can go here to get more information about ASPI driver.

How can I convert a big file without splitting to several ~700M files?
In the Option dialog, you can set the default value of split mode to "infinite" 74Minute VCD, you can also set it by the shortcut menu.

I don't want to rip the whole movie, How?
You can just rip the movie clips you want, either specified by chapter or time.

It seemed a lot of error message popped up after I changed the bit rate, what's the matter?
It's not a matter. Normally you needn't change the bitrate since we have selected the best default setting for you. We provide such a function since some customers want to make smaller video file. Different Video/Audio bit rate combination suits different DVD titles, so you may try several times to meet your special need.

What kind of video type can we copy DVD movie to VCD/SVCD/DivX?
You can Copy DVD movie into several video types, including VCD (MPEG-1 format), SVCD (MPEG-2 format), DivX AVI and other AVI (compressed by the selected codec, DivX codec preferred).


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