DVD Disc Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

Source: Nimbus

DVD Laser Beam Recorder

  • with respect to CD, DVD only requires changes to recorder mask.
  • Ultra violet laser, argon ion
  • Wavelength of 351 nanometres
  • c.5000 hours lifetime
  • final objective lens, n.a. 0.9
  • secondary focusing
  • aperture for CD mastering
  • spot beam focus checker is mot critical part.
  • yield rate for DVD (SS/SL): 90%

    Operation in DVD or CD mode

  • Identical glass preparation and chemicals
  • universal lenses
  • switchable aperture
  • secondary focusing
  • elliptical spot for CD mastering

    Elliptical spot:

  • reduces resolution across track
  • maintains DVD resolution along track to improve control of pit ends.


  • 200 - 300 master titles per month
  • 1.2 - 1.5 million stamped discs per month

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