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DVD Standards and Redbook about DVD Ripper and DVD Copy

General Topics:

1. Region Control Enhancement Related Q&A (Part 2, Part 3)

    DVD title providers add new copyright protect method in additional to the orignal DVD technology, check the topic for more information about that

2. DVD Tech Notes:

    Glossary (General)

    The improvements in DVD (General)

    Physical parameters of DVD (Physical)

    Disc Ares (Physical)

    Data sectors (Physical)

    Disc manufacturing (Physical)

3. CSS Decryption Reference   

    CSS (DVD-Video): Contents Scrambling System is the copy protection mechanism for DVD-Video. It uses a weak 40-bit proprietary encryption algorithm instead of a stronger public-key algorithm. It was designed to comply with strict US government crypto-export regulations. Even if the encryption were stronger--and DVD hardware players that plug into televisions and software players downloaded to a PC--all have their own unique key that unlocks the encryption key on the DVD. Each DVD has 400 copies of the same decryption key, each encrypted with every unlock code needed for each player. If one unlock key is compromised, every DVD can be decrypted

    "The Challenge of DVD Authoring" [PDF]

    DVD-R White Paper: What is DVD Recordable?

    "IEEE - Copy Protection for DVD Video" [PDF]

    Cryptanalysis of Contents Scrambling System - CSS is a scrambling system used in the distribution for movies on DVD. Its main purpose is to prevent the unauthorized duplication of disc contents.

    DVD-Superbit: DVD Superbit technology explained


   "Reading Between the Lines: Lessons from the SDMI Challenge", analysis of the defeated SDMI audio-protection system. The Verance Watermark, is currently used for DVD-Audio. We should expect to see some code soon to demonstrate the removal of watermarks from the audio tracks on the DVD-Audio discs.

   "CSS2: Copy Protection for DVD Audio" [PDF]