How do I convert the video to DivX (MPEG)?
DivX is a codec of AVI file, you can select "to AVI" . First please ensure you have installed the divx codec. Then in the step 2 window, the default codec should be "divx", just press "Finish" to add the job to the list.

How can I convert multi files with different format into one video?
Choose from AVI or from from MPEG , in the step 1 window, choose the file filter type to All supported format, then choose the files you want. In step 2 window, choose the proper codec or parameters , that's All.

Where can I get divc cpdec?
You should install DIVX codec before you can encode to divx avi files. you can download divx codec from here

How to change the codec of an AVI file ?
Yes, sure. Please choose from AVI to AVI. In the step 2 widow , choose the codec you want.

Can I convert my photos into a Movie?
Yes, sure, please visit Start to Convert

Why there is a message box telling me to restart the software after I put the reg code?
Our software needs to restart to validate the registration information, If you start the software without popup the reg dialog, you got registered.

How to burn MPEG files to VCD under Windows 98/Me?
VCD Burning under Windows 98/Me needs ASPI Drive. Please visit adaptec website to get the ASPI drive.


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